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About Us

tixPRO was founded in 2011, a Canadian based software developer operating since 2008, to bring professional, low cost, and high impact ticketing services to events across Canada, the United States and the Caribbean.

After doing much market research, the tixPRO management team came to the conclusion that most ticketing customers using traditional ticketing solutions were unhappy with their current service due to high fees, lack of innovation, and lack of support. The tixPRO management team saw a unique opportunity in the market place to develop an easy to use, cost effective and cutting-edge ticketing solution and put it in the hands of every event organizer across Canada, the United States and the Caribbean.

Whether you’re selling 100 tickets or 1,000,000 tickets, tixPRO is designed for events of all types and sizes, public or private (e.g. parties, cruises, school events, church functions, fundraisers, sporting events, music shows, corporate events, hotel conferences, expos and everything in between).

At tixPRO, we also live by the philosophy and treat every event organizer like they are our company's most important client. No request is too big or too small with tixPRO.

Although relatively new to the Caribbean, tixPRO is one of the fastest growing and most innovative ticketing solution providers in Canada and the United States, helping many event organizers increase their sales and simplify their entire event ticketing experience from A to Z.

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